Empowering patients to be
in control of their health and data

ehosp me android app
  • Have access to your complete health records and always be in control of your data.
  • You can easily and securely view your health data from any platform, mobile or desktop, online or even offline.
  • Available as a web application. Android and iOS coming soon.

nfc electronic health card sample
The details of the card above are not real and are
for display purposes only
  • You can now carry always with you your personal electronic health card, your key to your Healthcare
  • Store essential health data like blood type, allergies, medication, emergency contact as well as your link to your Electronic Health Records
  • Use it to give access to doctors, insurers and other healthcare professionals, to your health data
  • Use it to authenticate yourshelf, together with a 2-factor authentication system
  • Use it to notify your insurance company whenever you visit a hospital, doctor or lab.
ehosp dashboard
  • An easy to use, intuituve User Interface
  • All the necessary information in one place
  • Get an overall perspective of your Electronic Health Records with eHOSP Dashboard