eHOSP Technology

Disrupting Healthcare IT with innovative technologies,
bringing a seamless Healthtech solution

ehosp technology architecture
ehosp main workflow


  • Enterprise Blockchain solution with the Hyperledger Fabric framework
  • All health data are encrypted and securely stored in decentralized storage and only the links and the digital fingerprints are stored in the Blockchain.
  • Taking advantage of all the benefits of Blockchain technology but in compliance with GDPR.
  • The users own their data

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Cloud Infrastructure

  • Highly available, secure cloud infrastructure, built with best practices in mind
  • A well designed, functional interface to view and edit Electronic Health Records (EHRs) on the Cloud
  • Upload or download medical data in formats specified by industry standards (FHIR, HL7, OpenEHR, DICOM)
  • Support of multiple roles for both simple users and a variety of healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, insurers and many more

nfc card

NFC electronic health cards

  • Carry always with you your key to your Healthcare
  • Store essential health data like blood type, allergies, medication etc. as well as your link to your Electronic Health Records
  • Use it to give access to doctors, insurers and other healthcare professionals, to your health data
  • Use it to authenticate yourshelf, together with a 2-factor authentication system
  • Use it to notify your insurance company whenever you visit a hospital, doctor or lab.


APIs and Webhooks

  • Integration with existing Healthcare IT systems
  • Third-party applications can send data to eHOSP systems via webhooks